Guardamar Beaches

Guardamar's beaches are some of the best on the Costa Blanca, extending in total to almost 13 kilometres.  Each of them made up of fine golden sand. Some worth mentioning are as follows; Centro, La Roqueta, El Moncayo, and the nudist beach Los Tusales!

Although popular, compared to other parts of the coast overcrowding is not really an issue here. The beaches are all deep and sun beds are available in most places.

All the beaches are cleaned on a daily basis, so you should find them in pristine condition throughout the year (see picture of tractor cleaning the beach!). Lifeguards and regular police patrols are also present. On the central beaches you will find extra facilities such as water sports. It is worth mentioning that some small beach bars are present, making the beach a nice place to go for a quiet drink on the warm evenings.

Guardamar's beaches are not only very good; they are a little different from those of other coastal towns. In fact, the town is famous for its sand dunes. These are formed when the eastern winds push the sand inland from both the sea and the Segura River, creating dunes several metres high. In the past these "flying sands" advanced over 1,300 metres before entering the town. Today pine trees and other plants have been planted, which stop the progress of the sands.

The sheer quantity of trees planted has meant that large areas are now an attractive parkland known as Parquet Natural (much of it protected), separating the beach completely from the interior in many places. Perhaps the best known section is the Reina Sofia Park, which makes for an ideal late afternoon stroll.

Playa Centro is the closest beach to the town centre. Playa Centro is half a kilometre in length with a width of approximately 30 metres. The beach which has fine sand and clear waters is bordered by the natural beaches of La Babilonia north and La Roqueta to the south.

The beach is located on the southern boundary of the dunes in Guardamar del Segura and is accessible to people with reduced mobility. The beautiful "Parque Reina Sofia" (Queen Sofia Park) with springs, lakes and trees, is located very nearby and is especially bustling at dusk.

Playa Centro is close to the restaurants and the bars in the town centre and offers a sporting area and children's playground on the beach. Here you will see some elaborate and impressive sand sculptures by some very talented locals. At night as you stroll down the promenade on a warm Costa Blanca evening the sculptures look marvellous lit by candles.

La Roqueta beach has all the facilities of Playa Centro but is slightly further form the town centre. It is an open beach located within the town limits which also covers, on its southern extreme, part of a semi-urban area. It is bordered on the north by Playa Centro and on the south by beach El Moncayo. It's fine golden sand, the quality of its waters and its services make it very attractive, it is around 1,180 metres long and 30 metres wide.

El Moncayo beach has open areas of small dunes, which go to form this open this one and a half kilometre beach. which is around 30 metres wide. It has beautiful fine golden sand and is in a transitional area between the town limits and dunes on the southern extreme. There is parking available and a bus stop to enable easy access to the beach, a restaurant and is an ideal place for windsurfers.

Los Tusales is the official naturist beach of Guardamar, it is approximately 1,550 metres in length and around 50 metres wide and situated on the northern border of the mouth of the river Segura extending towards the border with the municipality of Elche, close to La Marina.

To get to the Los Tusales beach you will need to turn off the N-332 towards the campsite just before Nancy's night club. The beach is situated next to the mouth of the river Segura just across from Guardamar del Segura's beautiful Marina but could only be reached by boat via this route. Alternatively if you like to walk, park at La Marina and walk east along the beach.

Aside from the quality of water and sand as main elements in a beach, it is also marked out by leafy vegetation and natural dunes, making it even more suitable and appropriate for practicing naturism. Amongst the facilities available you will find tourist information, the Red Cross, a lifeguard and a restaurant.

Los Viveros beach can be reached by following the road between the pine forest at the northern end of Guardamar del Segura, there are parking facilities and a bus stop. Apart from being one of the finest beaches on the southern Costa Blanca it is also the one you would be most likely to use when you stay in our apartment.

It is a is a natural, open beach approximately 2,450 metres long and 40 metres wide which is bordered on the north by the river Segura and on the south by Babilònia beach.  It is outstanding not just for the quality of the water and the sand but also because of the important chain of dunes abundant with vegetation and extensive pinewoods.

The dunes are also home to the important archaeological remains known as Rábita Califal and La Fonteta along with a host of wildlife and a variety of plants and trees. Los Viveros beach is one of the three blue flag beaches situated alongside Guardamar del Segura. Amongst its facilities you will find, tourist information, the Red Cross, a lifeguard, public toilets, a public telephone, windsurfing and access for people of limited mobility. There is also a restaurant where you can get drinks and light snacks.

De la Babilònia beach is located between the Playa Centro and the Los Viveros beaches. The main characteristics are the Casas de la Babilònia, small chalets that overlook the beach; many of them are adorned with beautiful tiles from Manises.

The beach is approximately 1,074 metres long and 20 metres wide, it is an open beach with fine sand and its facilities include toilets, parking, restaurants, a bus stop and accessibility for those of limited mobility.  You will also find a public telephone and possibly more importantly, toilets.

Les Ortigues beach is Located on the border with Torrevieja, it is an extensive virgin beach with fine and golden sand, open areas and a dune environment where the Mediterranean Sea is a clean deep blue colour.

This beach is 1,490 metres long with an average width of 60 metres making it wide enough to accommodate you without bumping into to many people close by. Although with limited facilities, this is a perfect place to spend some time sunbathing if you want to try out a different beach.

The southern Costa Blanca is jam packed with some beautiful beaches. Fine golden sand, beautiful surroundings and a host of facilities make Guardamar del Segura's beaches amongst the best that you will find on the southern Costa Blanca. If you want sunshine, relaxation, top quality cuisine and a taste of the true Spanish culture and the best Spanish beaches around then Guardamar del Segura is likely to be the place for you, and our apartment may be just what you are looking for.

Playa del Campo is another beautiful beach. Joined at the southernmost extremity of El Moncayo the beach stretches for over two kilo metres and has an average width of 60 metres.

Fine and golden sand form this quiet natural beach whose environment is determined by an important dune area covered by Mediterranean vegetation and splashed by pinewoods. The beauty of this is that it prevents any construction from taking place on its surface, this way making it more peaceable and beautiful.