Guardamar del Segura's typical seasonal weather...

Guardamar del Segura's weather in the Spring...Guardamar's weather and climate in spring picks up especially after March when the beaches on the coast begin to become popular once more. There is a chance of rainfall but the days are often clear and sunny although evenings can still be quite cool until we get into May. Sea temperatures remain cold until May when they start to climb rapidly.

Guardamar del Segura's in the summer months...the weather in summer in Guardamar is typically very hot with little to no rainfall. Summer temperatures in Guardamar will mostly be between 25 degrees Celsius to 37degrees Celsius during the day. Temperatures at night in the summer in Guardamar rarely drop below 15 degrees Celsius...luckily the Peurto Pinar Apartments have air-conditioning! 

Because Guardamar's humidity is low you won't feel the temperature is as high as it really is. We suggest that you take precautions and keep out of the sun between 12 o'clock and 3 o'clock. Always wear a high sun cream factor especially if you are on Guardamar's beaches.

Guardamar del Segura's weather in the Autumn months...the autumn is a good time to visit Guardamar and the rest of the Costa Blanca because the autumn weather is usually mild and sunny with some days being very hot although evenings can be cool. There is a chance of some rainfall. The Mediterranean Sea remains warm and you can still swim well into October. In the autumn there are likely to be the occasional electrical thunderstorms with lightning and torrential rainfall sometimes resulting in flooding but these soon clear, leaving blue skies once again!

Guardamar del Segura's weather during the winter months...the weather in Guardamar in winter is very mild compared to northern Europe. Most winter days in Guardamar are clear and sunny with little rainfall. The temperatures can vary greatly in winter however, one day it can be over 20 degrees Celsius and you will be walking around in your t-shirt, on another day you may like to dress more warmly.

Guardamar del Segura's weather Month by Month...

January and February…the Guardamar weather is changeable during these months, there is little rainfall compared to Northern Europe. Most days are clear and sunny but nights are colder, there is effective heating in all of our three apartments to keep you warm and cosy! 

Guardamar weather in October and November…Guardamars weather is mostly sunny and clear days, often hot but equally it can be cool and the temperature drops off in November. During the evening and nights the temparture drops considerably during these months. The average sea temperatures during October remains just high enough to for most people to swim especially, November might not be warm enough for a dip in the oceon!

Guardamars weather in March, April and May Guardamar weather usually consists of warm, clear and sunny days with temperatures climbing rapidly through April. There is a reasonable chance of rainfall and it can still be a little cooler at night. May is a great time to visit Guardamar as the days are now hot and the evenings and nights are warm. To dress for the March, April and May weather in Guardamar bring a mixture of warm clothing such as jeans, jumpers and long trousers as well as T-shirts and shorts. The average sea temperatures in March, April and May start to rise and May is often when many people venture into the water to swim.

Guardamar del Seguras weather during June, july and HOT, especially in August, we suggest that you wear a hat and a high factor sunscreen and keep out of the sun between 12 o'clock and 3 o'clock. 

Guardamar del Segura's Climate...

Guardamar is situated on the Costa Blanca and The World Health Organisation describes the climate of the Costa Blanca as one of being the best in the world.

Guardamar's summers are hot but not too hot due to the cooling breezes and the winters in Guardamar are mild with many clear blue sunny days. Guardamar's climate and weather is very healthy especially for sufferers of arthritis. Many people are confused as to the difference between weather and climate. We can describe the climate in Guardamar as being based on long-term measurement of the weather with satellites, radar, charts and other meteorological equipment.

This gives a typical idea of what the conditions of Guardamar will be for certain times of the year. The weather however is a short-term snapshot and each day can be completely different.