BenidormTheme Parks and Water Parks...

As you approach the Terra Mittica Park the first things you notice are the 'Magnus Colossus' (a sort of run away train) and the large 'Terra Mitica' sign that is carved into the mountain behind the park. Unlike some parks (like 'Alton Towers' which is spaced out so it looks bigger), 'Terra Mitica' has excellent layout so you aren't likely to miss anything out as it is set out so you follow a trial taking you through everything in the park. an attraction with marine animals and exotic birds. You can explore the various areas of the park and enjoy shows with parrots, sea lions and dolphins or see the sub-aquatic world of sea-mammals. There is also a self-service snack restaurant and shops.

Aqualandia is perhaps the biggest Water Park in Europe with quiet swimming pools and exciting water slides, for the enjoyment of all the family. With restaurants, shops, etc.

Terra Natura is a New Generation Wildlife Park. There are no visible barriers exist as you interact with the animal kingdom and witness the timeless wonders of nature, displayed through spectacular shows of skill and artistry.

Two parks in one, Terra Natura also contains Aqua Natura, a fantastic water park for a splash a minute fun or relaxing in the spa or on the beach.

Magnificent shows...

Benidorm Palace is a magnificent, spectacular, gloriously colourful, BIG show of international renown. Wine and dine first, or go later to enjoy some of Europe's very best showtime entertainment in this plush, capacious, traditional style nightclub. Feast your eyes on the first-class, fabulous dancers in exotic, majorly glam feathered costumes who'll take your breath away. A full programme of original, top artistes from around the world ensure you are thoroughly entertained. Opens at 9 p.m. Dinner is served soon after. Showtime is at 10.30 pm.

Ritch Bitch is a very popular showbar with style and ambience. Be sure to go early to get in for a riotous, hilarious, adult comedy night featuring phenomenal queens. Tables can be booked, but be there by 9.30!

The Town, this cabaret pulls in customers from miles around due to a combination of good word of mouth and a massive neon sign on the roof. Acts tend towards the cuddly, like the colour suited and booted ‘Shoewaddywaddy’ boys and Elvis impersonators.

The Talk of the Coast is situated down a side street opposite the Ambassador Hotel, and presents a slightly alternative range of cabaret acts including the Mad Maori and Moff with a Freddie Mercury impersonation - aided greatly by impressive smoke and lighting effects.

Benidorm Wildlife and Safari Parks...

Aitana Safari Park is near the village of Sella, about 33 kilometres inland from Benidorm. Here you'll get to see elephants, lions, tigers and many more wild animals as you follow the Safari trail through the park. There's a children's zoo for the little ones to enjoy and a special nursery where they raise new born animals. Open all year, every day from 11am.

Vergel Safari Park lies northwards just beyond Ondara, less than an hours drive from Benidorm is the famous and great fun Vergel Safari Park. There are lions, tigers, leopards and wolves roaming free in the park, which you drive through in your car which allows the lions and tigers to come right up to you!! There is a 'safer' area with domestic animals, pigs, ponies, and even seals and dolphins that put on a very entertaining show. There are go-carts, mini trains and children's play areas - a really great family day out. It's open during the summer from 10.00am - 7.00pm.

Cactuslandia, still on a green theme but with prickles, you may like to visit this large private garden specialising in succulents and cacti. On a site developed on a cliff over 40 years ago, a German businessman planted over 1000 different species. There are now 3000 m2 of gardens divided into two areas, one for the cacti and the other for tropical plants such as mango trees, guava trees, papayas and bananas. There is also a Natural History Museum with an impressive collection of fossils, shells, corals, insects and the like.